Umai! Kampai!...huh?

The Japanese words Umai (delicious/good skill) and Kampai (cheers) express the joy in living. Foodies search for the perfect meal and drink. Chefs, brewers and other craft persons spend countless hours creating every day. All so they can say and hear these two words. 

Who is Mix'd Cultures?

The Umai Design Shop by Mix'd Cultures hopes to bring a small contribution towards realizing these words by bringing designs, goods and ideas to people who love good food, good drink, and good company without borders. 

US-born, Japan-based designer Pamela Jewell is behind Mix’d Cultures. A self-proclaimed international hick, I’ve lived the first half of my life in Nebraska, U.S.A., the second in Shizuoka, Japan. Over 25 years ago I nervously rode a jet-engine flying machine for the first time and found myself falling in love with Japan’s culture after my first bite of raw tuna sashimi. *Sake and beer came later for the then 17 year old.

Known for never refusing an intoxicating invite, I truly believe in “Pint Power”. Nothing can bring people of different backgrounds together and create mutual respect like good food and drink. When not drawing or designing pub & brewery graphics or translating Japanese cultural info, you can usually find me at my favorite izakaya or pub in Shizuoka saying "umai!" and "kampai!" over a plate of chutoro (tuna) sushi and a pint of ale, preferably a saison, or a glass of Shizuoka sake. Oh and a barrel-aged stout and chocolate for dessert!

You can learn more about my design work at www.mixdcultures.com. You can also see my latest creations and find out what I'm drinking on my Instagram & Mix'd Cultures Facebook page.